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Dr. Stefanie Steinebach

Dr. Stefanie Steinebach

ist promovierte Sozialwissenschaft-lerin, Diplom Forstwirtin, zertifizierte Waldpädagogin, Trainerin und Coach.

Dazu begeisterte Wissenschaftlerin, Dozentin und  selbstständige Trainerin an den Schnittstellen von Wissenschaft und Praxis und Wald und Gesellschaft. 


Dr. Stefanie Steinebach studied Forestry and Social and Cultural Anthropology in Göttingen, she holds a PhD in Anthropology and a Diploma in Forestry from the University
of Göttingen.


During her research projects, she she spent 15 month with the semi-nomadic forest dwelling Orang Rimba in Jambi, Sumatra; conducted fieldwork with Javanese transmigrants and indigenous  Batin Sembilan in Sumatra. Her research focuses on human-environmental relationships with a special interest in cultur specific people-forest relations and mitigation of land use conflicts. 

Stefanie Steinbach also worked as consultant for international institutions and has experience with NGO and community work.

Her latest  project focuses on indigenous forest management concepts in Papua.